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Megalink ML2000 Scoring System

Interactive System Diagram


ML2000 Electronic Targeting System 10m / 15m Targets 10m / 15m Targets High power targets 25m Targets Target Lifts and Stands Target Lifts and Stands Monitor Monitor Running Targets MLRange MLView MLRes


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Megalink ML2000 Advantage

Superior design and construction

The ML2000 system was designed and developed by two formidable engineers who have a love for both shooting sports and creating innovative hardware and software solutions for shooting.

The ML2000 system is 100% modular and 'black box'

You can build exactly the kind of range or event that will suit your needs and budget. Adding additional components later is a snap. Each component of the ML2000 lives its own life within the system and if any unit goes down it doesn't take the system with it. This ensures that your competition or training sessions can continue uninterrupted while the errant device is attended to.